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Our commitments

Turnaround times, quality assurance, and confidentiality.



Turnaround times
Normal service
Texts are dealt with in order of arrival and consequently the turnaround time is variable. Please inform us of any deadline you have to keep.

Priority service

We offer a rapid service with a guaranteed turnaround time of 3 working days for correction (up to 10,000 words) and for translation (up to 5000 words). On request, it may be possible to deal with some texts more rapidly.

+ We do not subcontract, a policy that ensures confidentiality, and the highest professional standards of quality, service and continuity, avoiding the potential problems associated with outsourcing to scientists with their own full-time research activities.

+ We are independent of any research institution, so there can be no conflict of interest and confidentiality is assured.

+ Management of work flow
A single member of the team is responsible for recording all texts on arrival and sending a receipt message to the client. Each text is then allocated to a member of the team, who deals with all subsequent steps in the process: correction/translation of the text, return of the text to the client and responses to any questions the client may have. This organisation minimises the risk of errors in the transmission of information.

Quality Assurance
Our system of traceability allows visualisation of the progress of each text from its arrival through the progression of the work to billing. Our standardised file identifiers ensure that we can find the various versions of a text, from that initially sent by the client through versions modified by the authors to the finished document.

+ Our internal editing standards
From our many years of experience and documentary research, we have developed an internal guide to editing and translating. This standard is applied by all members of the team, ensuring consistently high-quality and homogeneous work.

l+ Client contact
Each piece of work is allocated to a single editor, who is responsible for carrying out the work, returning it to the client at the e-mail address from which it was sent (unless otherwise indicated) and answering any questions the client may have. If the client so wishes, his or her texts can be systematically assigned to the same editor/translator. This allows the editor/translator to develop a better understanding of the group’s work and field of activity. This personalised service ensures a high level of quality.


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