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Our Services

Alex Edelman & Associates is a team of expert scientific writers trained to PhD level in biological sciences.

Every member of our team has experience in research and has been trained in scientific writing.

Our goal is to use our expertise to edit (improve and, where necessary, rewrite) articles for research scientists whose first language is not English. We also offer translation and scientific writing services.



A good scientific paper must convey complex ideas and information clearly and succinctly.
This can be difficult to achieve if you are writing in a foreign language.

We help scientists whose first language is not English to get their articles published, by correcting and modifying draft manuscripts to make the message clear and the style appropriate.

Scientific editing
Every member of our team has a PhD in biological science and has been trained in scientific editing. This specialist background enables us to go beyond simple grammar and spelling correction.
We can improve the presentation of articles, modify the structure and style appropriately and check that the ideas flow logically. We can eliminate linguistic problems, ensuring that your article is judged on its scientific merits rather than on the way in which it is written.

Types of text edited
We edit all types of text directly related to scientific research including:

  • Research articles
  • Review articles
  • Letters to editors
  • Responses to referees (please enclose the referees' comments)
  • Referee's reports
  • Book chapters
  • Grant proposals
  • Posters
  • Slides
  • Cassettes or electronics (.wav or .mp3) recording
  • Seminars (we can also provide you with a cassette recording so that you can perfect your pronunciation).

We can translate biological and medical texts directly from French into English.
Translations from Dutch or Spanish into English are also possible on request.

As we are all native English-speakers, we do not translate from English into these other languages, to ensure that the texts delivered are of high quality (which would not be possible for languages other than English). 

Mixed correction/translation service
We also offer a mixed correction/translation service. You can send us a text written partly in French (or Spanish or Dutch) and partly in English, and we will produce a final text written entirely in correct English. 


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