Professional biomedical editing and erwritting
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Document Format

We use the “Track changes” system in Word to allow you to visualise our suggestions. Consequently, it is best to send us Word or .rtf files.

We can also handle Excel and Powerpoint files, but the modifications and changes are not shown in colour. Do send any figures or illustrations associated with the text, as these help with the translation/correction, particularly of the legends. Please send figures in jpeg or or pdf formats (note that will will be unable to modify such figures). If you work in LaTeX, please send a Word file containing containing the text and the codes (.tex file converted into .doc) and the corresponding .pdf file. Please contact us for any other formats.

Texts may be modified after we have seen them, for various reasons. For example, our work raises issues or identifies ambiguities, the coauthors make suggestions or changes, or paragraphs are added or removed.

In such cases, or if we have made a large number of suggestions or corrections, we strongly advise returning the final version of the text (or the paragraphs involved) to us for checking.

Sending your documents

Directly by e-mail : Send your documents as attached files

Please indicate:

1. Whether or not you require the priority service.
2. Any deadline you may have.
3. Whether the text should be in British or American English.
4. Whether you want one particular member of the team to work on you texts (note that this may increase the turnaround time).
5. Any particular requirements (for example shortening the text, referees’ and editor’s comments).
6. The return address.
7. Billing address.

Reception of your documents

We systematically confirm having received texts. If you have not received confirmation by e-mail the following day that your text has arrived, please contact us or re-send the files.


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